Our Process

Our process is simple and straightforward to reach the target - from concept to creation of what is conceived. All the steps in our process are mandatory and flexible to meet the objectives.


The first step is initiated with the Project Scoping meeting. This meeting triggers extensive evaluation and research to identify the definite objective of the project. After this we provide the client with the wire frames depicting the high level project flow for approval or revision by the client and to proceed with proofing stage of our process


The development has three significant areas - database development, user interface development and integration of the application. The first in the sequence of development of these three areas is database development and user interface (front end). The UI/UX development also involves integration of the application modules.


Our process by default provides for support of the application developed for the initial period mentioned in the SOW and SLA of the project. The several flavors of support offered by us include , training, technical support , product support and others depending upon the application


Proofing is typically the Design stage of the project processes. The design team fully designs the whole functionality. Then gives demo to the client and interacts with the client and obtains the feedback from the client on the changes if any. If any changes are suggested by the client the revised design would be presented to the client for feedback. If further tweaking of revisions are necessary, they will be done and shared with the client. Once the client is satisfied on the design we will move to next step of development.


The ultimate step of development is delivery with appropriate packaging. Our project manager Delivery manager interacts with the client's representative and presents the application for final review by the client and on approval of the client the application is delivered to the client as per the SLA of the engagement.